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Learning how to ski is one of my first goals while living here. I had skiied once before moving to Austria and had run into a tree. Now, being less an hour’s drive from our nearest lifts and with the potential to ski little but often, there is really no excuse. But how to get the kit?

Following a tip-off, we went to the Ski Fleamarket (Flohmarkt) that takes place before the start of the ski season (around October) every year. In the Mezzezentrum/Salzburg Arena, a big exhibition centre reached by Buses 1 and 8, is one hall of skiing madness. Racks of clothing, goggles, helmets poles and of course skis combined with a lot of people milling around. Try and work out whether the €200 skis are good value or whether you should just buy the € 50 pair standing right beside them. Push through hordes of small children to reach poles that might be your size. Once we had found our bargains, we then waited in the very long queue to pay for it all. But it was worth it: me, all kitted out (including a gift of a jacket from a friend) for less € 100.

Now I just need some snow!


The full results in action

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